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Bindsec was established by cyber and intelligence security experts, each one of the partners brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the cyber research and intelligence industry.

Bindsec leads the front of global cyber and intelligence expertise, offering high value cyber security and intelligence services worldwide. Our customers rely on us to assess the exposure of their assets to cyber risks, analyze their vulnerabilities, and test for the most sophisticated attacks.

Bindsec has assembled the best and the brightest minds in global cyberspace, including offensive, defensive and research experts alongside with intelligent special force teams and capabilities.

Our aim is to channel the collective talents of our team in providing actionable business focused cyber security services and intelligent.

Our professionals are worldwide renowned for publishing research papers, vulnerabilities and have authored tools, challenges, testing methodologies and training programs.

Research and development are important pillars of the company. Our experts often present at conferences and train at global leading cyber institutes. Bindsec’s professional excellence, deep technical capabilities, and unique access to cutting edge technologies have enabled us to assist a range of industry leaders in overcoming their security challenges. Working together with intelligence and law enforcement organizations around the world, Bindsec has helped customers to protect their assets.

Under the company’s workforce more than 120 consultants, experts in various fields of expertise to give the company the ability of binding projects’ scope end to end.


Co-Founder & CEO


Baruch Menachem


Co-Founder & CTO



Cyber Security Defensive/ Offensive

Cyber Security Defensive/ Offensive

Cyber Security Defensive/ Offensive

  • Penetration Tests
  • Cyber Attack Simulations
  • Risk Assessments
  • Secure Architecture Design
  • Cloud Security
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Awareness Training
Cyber Intelligence​

Cyber Intelligence


  • Tactical Intelligence Reports
  • Geopolitical Intelligence
  • Dedicated Intelligence Analyst
    Compliance services

    Compliance Services

    Compliance services

    • Policy writing based on industry best practices
    • ISO 27001/27701/27799 compliance
    • Data Privacy Compliance (GDPR, CCPA)
    • SOC2 Audit
    • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
    Managed services

    Managed Services


    • CISO as a service
    • DPO as a service
    • SIEM SOC as a service
    • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
    Incident Managment

    Incident Managment

    Incident Managment

    • Incident Response Team (IRT)
    • Digital Forensics



    • Professional outsourcing

    Cyber Solutions for a Myriad of Sectors.















    Cyber Security Defensive/Offensive

    Examine your organization’s infrastructure resilience against cyber-attacks that originate from an external or internal entity with or without permissions. During this assessment various scanning and attacking tools are used alongside manual attacking techniques, to detect and take advantage of security misconfiguration and software vulnerabilities, to gain unauthorized access to your company resources.

    The security gaps are then analyzed in order to provide recommendations for improving the security level of the organization in order to prevent the recurrence of attacks by an attacker.

    Examine how your organization responds to simulated cyberattacks. With custom-made scenarios, we can train your professional and regular employees to identify cyberattacks and how they should act when an attack occurs.

    Provides you with tailored recommendations to mitigate any security gap found by conducting a hands-on configuration review of your servers, workstations, databases, storage systems, network equipment, and security systems such as your Firewalls, IPS, NAC, DLP, Antivirus, etc., to ensure your infrastructure meet security best practices and improve its resilience against attacks.

    Ensure your communications network and systems were designed and integrated according to common security best practices to reduce their attack surface by applying segmentation, using secure protocols, encrypting data, implementing compensating security controls, etc. During this test, we conduct a series of interviews with key personnel responsible for the different networks or systems in question and we examine existing design documents and network topologyy to identify security gaps that may be exploited by unauthorized parties

    Bindsec provides various services to help your organization migrate safely to the cloud or improve the security of your existing cloud environment. This is accomplished while maximizing the built-in security capabilities of cloud services, minimizing costs without compromising on security.

    Our cloud security services include the Cloud Migration Readiness, which makes sure you have everything you need to migrate securely to the cloud, and the Cloud Security Assessments service, which ensures your existing cloud environment is properly secured.

    Ensure that your third-party contractors and subsidiaries who have access to your network resources (either remotely or locally), adhere to agreed or desired security policies of your organization and follow security best practices to secure your own data resides within their systems. This assessment is done by examining the security controls implemented by your third-party contractor through interviewing of key personnel and optionally conducting a hands-on configuration review of selected resources.


    According to research, more than 90% of information security incidents are caused by human error. Awareness training helps employees understand their role in helping to combat information security breaches. During the training, employees learn about cybersecurity crimes,  information security risks, and how to identify potential attacks that can occur in your organization.


    Cyber Security Defensive/ Offensive
    Cyber Intelligence​

    Cyber Intelligence

    Bindsec provides tactical intelligence reports with timely, clear, reliable and actionable intelligence that will help your organization make the decisions need to mitigate harmful events from now or in the future by threat actors.

    We offer a full range of reporting, from day-to-day activities that require specific actions to overriding trends with insights to help you manage long-term risk.

    Bindsec provides geopolitical intelligence that helps organizations understand and manage the location-based threats relevant to them.

    Our geopolitical intelligence is vital for organizations who operate on a global scale and offers a timely and contextually relevant insights into global threats, in locations where the business operates or holds assets.

    Our intelligence will empower your organizations and will allow you to proactively anticipate, rapidly respond to, and effectively mitigate location-based threats to physical assets, personnel, and sensitive data.

    Bindsec will provide your organization with a dedicated Intelligence Analyst without the costs and capacity issues of smaller, less efficient solutions.

    Our analyst will consolidate valuable information into strategic, analytic intelligence to help you identify and understand threats and vulnerabilities that might be relevant to you, so you’ll be able to proactively mitigate risks.

    Compliance Services

    Bindsec will provide you with tailored made security policies and procedures that will help your organization comply with law requirements and security standards relevant to you, and improve your security governance.


    Bindsec‘s experts will help your company achieve the ISO 27001/27701 certification or renew your existing ISO certification, easily and efficiently while making the most of the existing resources of your organization.
    During the preparation period for the ISO certification, a risk identification and management process will be implemented to enables the continuous improvement of the security controls and reduction of security risks to which your organization is exposed. In addition, as part of the preparation, procedures and policies will be written/adjusted based on the organization’s conduct and the security controls implemented by it, as well as defining of additional security controls needed to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your information / client’s privacy.

    Bindsec will help your organization comply with GDPR law requirements by conducting a GDPR Gap Analysis Review. During this review, our experts will examine the business processes related to the storage and management of data subject in your organization, map the GDPR requirements that you organization require to comply with, analyse the security controls implemented by your organization to secure to data, and provide you with a list of security gaps that need to be mitigated to achieve compliance.

    Bindsec will help your company plan and prepare to a SOC 2 Type 2 audit. During the preparation, our experts, together with your security team, will define the period during which the audit will be performed and the security controls to be examined from the five trust principles defined by the standard. Then, a list of security controls to be examined will be created including the definition of evidence to be collected, a Risk Assessment will be conducted to detect security gaps, and any gap detected will be remediated by fine-tuning current security controls and/or implementing compensating security controls to reduce risk.

    Bindsec’s experts will help your organization build and implement a business continuity plan that will allow you to recover quickly in the event of a malfunction, cyber attack or catastrophic event while minimizing the costs involved in downtime.

    For each of your critical processes, we’ll define together what is the maximum period of time in which it can survive downtime or disruption of the business activity (RTO – Recovery Time Objective) until reaching a state of partial / complete recovery and how much information the organization is willing to loss when recovering data (RPO – Recovery Point Objective).

    This plan will ensure functional and operational continuity of the critical business processes in the organization, which will include emergency response, logistical and operational readiness, rapid and efficient recruitment and response of personnel, information systems infrastructure preparation (Disaster Recovery Plan – DRP), information security, and return to routine plan.

    Compliance services
    Managed services

    Managed Services

    Many organizations today recognize and understand the need of appointing dedicated personnel such as a CISO or DPO to deal and maintain security and privacy. However, this may have overwhelmed costs. Bindsec provides a tailored “CISO as a service” and “DPO as a service” offering, which can provide your business with all necessary information security and privacy requirements across the organization. This includes managing ongoing security tasks, planning a security strategy and leading the organization to compliance with legal and regulatory standards related to Information Security and privacy.

    SOC as a Service provides your organization with a cost-effective alternative for building and maintaining an effective SOC within the organization. We offer an external team of cyber security experts and analysts to detect advanced threats.

    Bindsec is partnered with CrowdStrike to deliver a leading Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, CrowdStrike Falcon. Our experts will deploy, configure and manage the EDR solution for you, to protect your assets against attacks and will provide you with a Managed Threat Hunting service to overwatch malicious activities on your devices, hunt and stop the most sophisticated hidden threats.

    Incident Management

    Our Incident Response Team is here for you and will help your organization investigate, stop and recover from any cyber-attacks that you are faced with. In addition, our team will help you implement quick security controls to improve your security posture, making it harder for attackers to relaunch the attack using different attack vectors.

    For any suspicion of hostile activity occurring in your organization, our experts will help you verify or eliminate the concern using advanced forensic tools and in-depth investigation of logs and alerts produced by your organization’s security systems.

    If hostile activity does occur on your organization’s assets, our experts will help you understand the dimensions of the hostile activity, identify the damage that occurred (for example, whether information was leaked and what information was leaked) and stop the activity as soon as possible before it escalates.



    Incident Managment


    We offer cybersecurity experts who have experience in various technologies, security standards and law requirements. Our experts are supported and backed up by our professional teams, which will provide them with the answers to any security question that your organization might have.


    WHY US


    Our professionals have extensive experience in the cyber research and intelligence industry, each comes from a different field of cybersecurity, providing holistic solutions for any type of project requirements. We always say yes!

    Broad Range of Expertise

    By partnerships with intelligence agencies, financial institutions, start-ups, law and accounting firms, medical organizations, green-energy companies and more, we effectively showcase our exceptional proficiency in multiple segments of cybersecurity.
    We pride ourselves on our diverse customer portfolio, which highlights our ability to safeguard a broad range of assets, earning the trust of organizations worldwide.

    Unique Methodologies

    We have developed a unique methodology for each type of service we offer, carefully considering the specific environment and constraints of your business. These customized approaches are designed to meet your unique needs, guaranteeing you the highest level of service excellence.


    You will be assigned one Point of Contact (POC) that best fits your business needs. This POC will always be available to you and will help you get what you need, right when you need it.


    We believe that a good report leaves no room for questions. Therefore, all our reports are written in easy-to-understand language that suits both technical and non-technical readers. They provide enough details to help you understand the risks and what exactly needs to be done to mitigate them.

    Impact Analysis & Mitigations

    We follow the NIST risk matrix to assess the level of risk for each security gap we find, always taking into consideration your unique business environment, needs, and constraints, as well as any (known to us) security controls you have implemented. We determine the risk level and offer you a mitigation plan best suited to your situation.


    Your Security, Our Priority. We believe in building lasting partnerships, not fleeting engagements. Even after your project closes, our experts remain accessible, readily answering your technical questions. For your continued peace of mind, we’re happy to assist you in implementing crucial mitigation actions. With us, you are never alone on your security journey.

    Research & Development

    We actively contribute to the cybersecurity community through research papers, disclosing security vulnerabilities and developing attacking tools.



    Uri Ben Tzvi, CIO
    Uri Ben Tzvi, CIO
    Lapidot Group
    Read More
    “Bind Security has become a major pilar in our cyber security resilience providing multiple services in the Cyber defense domain. Recently Lapidot Group received ISO 27001 certification based on continuance efforts to improve our defenses and to meet the pharma regulation. They are also a trusted vendor for internal penetration and vulnerability testing as well as supplier audits and IT staff guidance. We have found their process to be easy to follow and their testing to be very thorough."
    Yaron Sanker
    Yaron Sanker
    Bazan Group
    Read More
    “I wanted to take a few moments to express my heartfelt appreciation with Bindses’s exceptional support and meticulous attention to detail in ensuring our compliance with security and privacy regulations. As a trusted advisor, Bindsec consistently exceeds expectations, delivering top-notch cyber regulation services.”
    Eli Petel
    Eli Petel
    Chief Information Security Officer Assuta Medical Centers
    Read More
    “From the moment we first connected, the team at BINDSEC exuded professionalism and genuine care. You guys are more than just consultants; you’re trusted allies in the eternal fight against cyber threats. My gratitude goes out to the entire team for giving us the confidence to operate online with confidence. You've earned a loyal customer.”
     Roei Aharoni, CTO
    Roei Aharoni, CTO
    365 SCORES
    Read More
    “Working with Bindsec has helped us to improve our cybersecurity standards significantly, with their professionalism and experience they bring a lot of value, identifying accurately the cybersecurity status and issues and the prioritization in addressing them, we felt that they provided us a tailor-made solution rather than an automatic go-to solutions, they adjust the solutions to fit he actual needs of the business, taking into consideration the organization and culture and helped us find the right solutions we needed, and they always came up with solutions to any challenge we rose, including integration of new tools that they examined for our unique use cases for the first time.”


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